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Our Care Navigators provide live support when you join to help you navigate our platform, making it easy to connect quickly to the trusted solutions you have been seeking. We believe in the power of connection, that is why we prioritized your first experience with us.


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Our primary objective is to make the wealth of information simple and accessible to all, whether you're new to holistic living or a wellness expert. 

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Why FHC has created The Global Paradigm Shift

Broken System

In recent years, the glaring shortcomings in current healthcare systems have proven that change is necessary.  Genuine well-being can only be achieved when individuals have the knowledge and freedom to choose the treatment that is right for them.

Expensive & Limited

Insurance and other large industries are driven by profit. Their policies exacerbate the limited accessibility of real health and wellness options, leaving many individuals without the means to benefit from the best in holistic and integrative solutions. 

Information Overload

The rapid and constant flow of information across so many platforms, from email to social media and other outlets, is overwhelming. With so much information to weed through, vet, and process, individuals may experience analysis paralysis, finding it difficult to make decisions or take action.

Lack of Preventative Focus

The current systems primarily operate on a reactive basis, addressing health issues as they  emerge. This approach often neglects the importance of preventive care and wellness promotion, leaving individuals without the tools to maintain and restore their health and well-being.

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Your Herbal First-Aid Kit

Your Herbal First-Aid Kit

Everyone experiences scrapes, cuts, and bruises at times. Therefore, everyone could benefit from an herbal first-aid kit at home. Simple and straightforward, herbal wound care is the best step to take if you’re new to herbalism, and always nice to refresh on if you’re advanced.  In today’s video you’ll learn: -The herbal approach to wound care -The main herbal actions used in herbal wound care -Specific herbs and their indications  -When to use moistening or drying herbs  -Why beeswax based salves are sometimes contraindicated ———————————— ABOUT EVOLUTIONARY HERBALISM ———————————— Evolutionary Herbalism is built upon holistic philosophies of herbalism and nature from across the world. From Ayurveda and alchemy, to clinical herbalism, medical astrology and modern science, this approach seeks to unite traditional models of plant medicine into a cohesive clinical practice. This holistic model of herbalism honors the whole plant and the whole person, and seeks to utilize medicinal plants in a way that equally addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides of healing. ———————————— ABOUT SAJAH ———————————— Sajah Popham is the author of Evolutionary Herbalism and the founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, where he trains herbalists in a holistic system of plant medicine that encompasses clinical Western herbalism, medical astrology, Ayurveda, and spagyric alchemy. His mission is to develop a comprehensive approach that balances the science and spirituality of plant medicine, focusing on using plants to heal and rejuvenate the body, clarify the mind, open the heart, and support the development of the soul. This is only achieved through understanding and working with the chemical, energetic, and spiritual properties of the plants. His teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines and ourselves. ———————————— To see the full blog post, more free videos and training, head over to our blog at: ———————————— Subscribe to our podcast, The Plant Path: iTunes: Stitcher: Spotify: ———————————— Get daily inspiration and plant wisdom on our Facebook and Instagram channels: Get a free training course when you get buy a copy of Evolutionary Herbalism: Science, Medicine and Spirituality from the Heart of Nature: ———————————— This video is for educational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases. Please contact a qualified health care professional for medical advice.
The Ultimate Guide to Holistic Therapy: Transform Your Life Today!

The Ultimate Guide to Holistic Therapy: Transform Your Life Today!

. Chapters 0:00 Introduction 0:41 What the research says 1:16 Holistic therapy benefits 1:45 Types of Holistic therapy is any practice that aims to achieve the healing effects of medicine despite lacking biological plausibility, testability, repeatability, or evidence from clinical trials. Complementary medicine (CM), complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), integrated medicine or integrative medicine (IM), and holistic medicine attempt to combine alternative practices with those of mainstream medicine. Alternative therapies share in common that they reside outside of medical science and instead rely on pseudoscience. Traditional practices become "alternative" when used outside their original settings and without proper scientific explanation and evidence. Frequently used derogatory terms for relevant practices are new age or pseudo- medicine, with little distinction from quackery. Some alternative practices are based on theories that contradict the established science of how the human body works; others resort to the supernatural or superstitious to explain their effect or lack thereof. In others, the practice has plausibility but lacks a positive risk–benefit outcome probability. Alternative medicine is distinct from scientific medicine, which employs the scientific method to test plausible therapies by way of responsible and ethical clinical trials, producing repeatable evidence of either effect or of no effect. Research into alternative therapies often fails to follow proper research protocols (such as placebo-controlled trials, blind experiments and calculation of prior probability), providing invalid results. Much of the perceived effect of an alternative practice arises from a belief that it will be effective (the placebo effect), or from the treated condition resolving on its own (the natural course of disease). This is further exacerbated by the tendency to turn to alternative therapies upon the failure of medicine, at which point the condition will be at its worst and most likely to spontaneously improve. In the absence of this bias, especially for diseases that are not expected to get better by themselves such as cancer or HIV infection, multiple studies have shown significantly worse outcomes if patients turn to alternative therapies. While this may be because these patients avoid effective treatment, some alternative therapies are actively harmful (e.g. cyanide poisoning from amygdalin, or the intentional ingestion of hydrogen peroxide) or actively interfere with effective treatments. The alternative medicine sector is a highly profitable industry with a strong lobby, and faces far less regulation over the use and marketing of unproven treatments. Its marketing often advertises the treatments as being "natural" or "holistic", in comparison to those offered by medical science. Billions of dollars have been spent studying alternative medicine, with few or no positive results. Some of the successful practices are only considered alternative under very specific definitions, such as those which include all physical activity under the umbrella of "alternative medicine". Definitions and terminology See also: Terminology of alternative medicine The terms alternative medicine, complementary medicine, integrative medicine, holistic medicine, natural medicine, unorthodox medicine, fringe medicine, unconventional medicine, and new age medicine are used interchangeably as having the same meaning and are almost synonymous in most contexts.[1][2][3][4] Terminology has shifted over time, reflecting the preferred branding of practitioners.[5] For example, the United States National Institutes of Health department studying alternative medicine, currently named the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), was established as the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) and was renamed the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) before obtaining its current name. Therapies are often framed as "natural" or "holistic", implicitly and intentionally suggesting that conventional medicine is "artificial" and "narrow in scope".[6][7] Marcia Angell: "There cannot be two kinds of medicine – conventional and alternative".[8]
What is Holistic Health & Benefits of Natural Solutions