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3 Pillars of Holistic Living

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Nurturing your mind is just as essential as taking care of your body. Often, we push ourselves to meet perceived expectations, such as working harder, projecting positivity, or suppressing our emotions. Adopting a holistic approach empowers us to introspect on our mental state, examining the thoughts and emotions that influence our lives and recognizing how they can manifest in our physical well-being. By doing so, we gain insight into our needs, like taking a mental break when overwhelmed or detaching from social media when feeling anxious. Cultivating a healthy mind is crucial, as our mindset shapes our actions, turning our thoughts into reality.


Understanding the physical aspect of holistic living is straightforward, as it deals with our tangible body. The effects of nourishing the body are observable and quantifiable. Holistic nourishment of the body encompasses a multitude of factors, such as mindful food choices, physical activity, sleep patterns, our connection with the natural world, the products we use on and within our bodies, and the overall health of various bodily systems. Holistic living emphasizes wellness, striving to maintain a constant state of good health rather than solely addressing issues as they arise. It promotes proactive well-being, harmonizing our physical selves with the world.


Defining the 'soul' can be challenging, especially when applying and reconciling that to your beliefs about the world. Yet, nurturing your soul aids in gaining a deeper understanding. It encompasses spirituality but extends to living in alignment with your values, finding purpose, nurturing connections, and making meaningful contributions to the world. Over time, nourishing the soul cultivates a profound sense of self-connection and enhances your understanding of your role in the world. It encourages introspection, leading to personal growth and clarity. Ultimately, tending to your soul is a key component of a transformative wellness journey that leads to balance and true well-being.

The Freedom Health Connect Approach

A Journey for Every Level

Our mission is to meet members where they are and invite them into our family.

Whether you're new to holistic living or are a wellness expert, FHC welcomes you! 

Our online platform serves a diverse and growing global population, connecting you to the resources needed no matter where you are. We offer vetted and valuable resources for every wellness stage, empowering individuals with our comprehensive health and well-being solutions. We're here to equip you on your journey regardless of your expertise, guiding and supporting you toward your goals with a manageable approach.

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Meet our Founders

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Susan Sweetin


Susan Sweetin, a dynamic entrepreneur, event architect, devoted mother, and wife. With over two decades of experience in high-impact industries like private equity and fashion, Susan's career is adorned with remarkable achievements, including influential roles within companies managing assets worth over $1 billion. In 2021, she founded Freedom Travel Alliance (FTA), a transformative venture enabling unrestricted travel based on health status.  Today, FTA boasts a vast membership presence across 180 countries with nearly 100,000 subscribers.

Driven by the needs of FTA members, Susan recognized the necessity for a comprehensive healthcare solution.  Susan's passion for empowering others led her to co-found Freedom Health Connect (FHC) with trailblazing nurse Donna Aliperti.  Together they have created a revolutionary private membership-based online health platform. FHC connects individuals seeking diverse medical choices with exceptional practitioners, education and supplements.

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Donna Aliperti


Donna Aliperti is a nurse entrepreneur with 32+ years of diverse medical experience and business ventures. Her background showcases compassionate patient care, leadership in enhancing hospital culture and problem solving through innovative solutions. 

Driven by a commitment to personal freedom, Donna created two grassroots organizations, impacting and unifying nearly 500k people. She champions the individual’s right to self-governance and privacy, fostering vital discussions and seeking solutions in a rapidly changing world. 

With a deep grasp of healthcare complexities, she tirelessly advocates for well-being. Donna's dedication to patient outcomes and wellness earns her respect from peers and leaders. Ultimately, it is her faith that inspires her passion and priority for serving others both in life and  in their journey toward healing.

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