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Are you a care provider or provide wellness services?

Join the Freedom Health Connect Directory and Engage with
Our Provider Consortium.

Freedom Health Connect is leading the way to a mindset shift and creating a space for your practice to connect with members in search of providers like you.
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Your Practice, Your Way

As we launch, FHC will deliver change and is leading the way for health practitioners of all modalities.  With the combined power, expertise, and impact of more than 500 world-class providers 

working to design, implement, and provide top-tier education and care, Freedom Health Connect stands as one of the largest global healthcare networks of its kind, and we take pride in our exceptionally skilled and ethical practitioners!

While you swore an oath to take care of others, it is our sworn responsibility to build and enhance the optimal environment for you to practice your life's work.  We know that fostering support and professional satisfaction of providers enhances excellence in clinical care, research, and education.  That’s why we created the Provider Consortium - a forum for you to connect with one another, weighing in on important topics, all in a spirit of true collaboration.  

Freedom Health Connect is leading the way to a mindset shift and creating a space for your practice to connect with members in search of providers like you.

It's time to shift the paradigm towards natural well-being, resurrecting the best of western medicine in tandem with ancient traditions and cutting edge modalities. We can no longer participate in or promote systems incentivizing protocols that perpetuate illness. Our aim for the new health model needs to be accessible, affordable and personalized.


Join us today and be part of the revolution! Our members are waiting for YOU! 

Why Providers Join FHC

Providers affiliate with Freedom Health Connect so that they can practice their way - without politics. They desire to focus on preventing disease rather than simply treating symptoms, and leverage innovative tools available to them. Providers join FHC because they want to make a real impact on our members’ health, and move away from the current healthcare system which has gotten in their way, creating long waits, red tape and too little time for meaningful interaction. Many doctors who want to maintain their independence and keep their intimate office setting choose to affiliate with FHC.

Bring More People to Your Door

Have you considered expanding your reach? Freedom Health Connect's membership-based platform can immediately grow the community YOU serve. Our dynamic wellness-first environment, where needs and expectations of empowered members continue to evolve, can also enhance your existing primary care portfolio by creating renewed value for health and wellness systems.

Benefits of FHC

In today’s volatile climate, where many are faced with  competing needs and challenges, implementing a membership-based arm to your existing operation can have a significant impact on the scope and reach of the services you're currently providing. Furthermore, focusing on preventive care can drive improved health outcomes overall, creating a positive ripple effect throughout your health system and community.

Provider Consortium

We offer a Provider Consortium that facilitates the connection and exploration of various modalities and treatments, all within a trusted network. Our belief in nurturing provider support and professional satisfaction is founded on the belief that this, in turn, elevates the standards of clinical care, research, and education. This is why we've established the Provider Consortium, serving as a platform for you to engage with your peers to contribute in crucial discussions. This is our version of Grand Rounds, enhanced, and delivered with a genuine spirit of collaboration.

Empower Growth

Connect with our global community of members and providers and take part in engaging events, important research, and a rich interactive online community platform. Join our network today, and be part of building our Ark to Health & Wellness! We created FHC to help our members solve the challenges and shortcomings of the current healthcare system that these past few years have exposed. The new health model needs to be affordable, accessible, and personalized. It's long past time to change the paradigm, shifting the focus to the promotion and support of the naturally healthy state. The practice of incentivizing the use of protocols that keep people unwell is unfortunately seen in many healthcare settings. At FHC, caring for members' health will always be prioritized.


FHC is more than a resource; we are your dedicated partner for progress.

 I am thrilled to be a part of this new parallel health and wellness system.  Bringing us all together simply in one place is what I as a busy provider have been looking for!

Laura Churchman, Holistic Practitioner

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